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Circulator pumps are designed to do just what their name says: circulate. Circulator pumps circulate liquids, gases and even slurries in a circuit. They are a specific pump that is found commonly circulating water in a hydronic heating and/or cooling unit.

Bronze pumps are often used to circulate domestic hot water so that a faucet will provide hot water instantly upon demand. In regions where water conservation issues are raising in importance with rapidly expanding and urbanizing populations local water authorities offer rebates to homeowners and builders that install a circulator pump to save water. In typical one-way plumbing without a circulation pump, water is simply piped from the water heater through the pipes to the tap. Once the tap is shut off, the water remaining in the pipes cools producing the familiar wait for hot water the next time the tap is opened. By adding a circulator pump and constantly circulating a small amount of hot water through the pipes from the heater to the furthest fixture and back to the heater, the water in the pipes is always hot, and no water is wasted during the wait. Unitech provides you with the ability to save energy, time and money by simply installing it's products to your system.

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